BenjaminTheTrainKid, or simply "Ben", is an active online user on a sandbox game called ROBLOX.


Ben is a 14-year-old (so he says...) ROBLOX and YouTube user classified as a Thomas The Tank Engine fan. His favorite color is blue, as he can be seen wearing it all over ROBLOX, GoAnimate, and other sources. When something goes wrong in his life, such as the event involving the entire RO-Train Community on ROBLOX and Skype, he throws major meltdowns because he didn't get his way. He's very hypocritical at all times.


Ben has done a lot of damage to the RO-Train Community over the summer of 2015.


  • Makes so-called "payback" and "revenge" videos of people who insult him, yet he hates it when people do it to him.
  • Creates ROBLOX places, games, and thumbnails that involve real-life users being murdered.
  • Steals copyrighted footage from other YouTube videos and re-uploads them as the payback videos.


  • Replicates ROBLOX models, mostly trains, when he doesn't get his way; these models are usually junky.


  • Always assumes ROBLOX moderation is at fault for "false reporting" his harassment items.
  • Says he'll never get terminated, only for it to actually happen the next day.


  • He's an idiot.